Trustworthy expanded metal

If You look for the supplier and producer of metal components, that will come up with all Your expectations, it means that Perfopol is the company created just for You. We are well - known company with the big experinece in creating many kinds of metal components - ladder rungs, profiles and expanded metal. Producer of every metal part should remember that the highest quality of the stock is the basis, thanks to which the best effect and outcome is able to be satisfied. It means that not only the quality of mmetal is important, but also the way, in which several parts and products are created from it. These all aspects are important for our company. We know that customers expect always the best perforated sheets and expanded metal. Producer - company Perfopol has the wide offer that will satisfy all needs of poeple from meny branches, like production or consturction. We provide the premium quality of every product.

Nazwa: PPUH Perfopol Sp. z o.o.

Adres: Radomska 76 27-200 Starachowice

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