Professional services in the field of machining

Metal machining is a basic technique for the manufacture of machine parts, equipment, utility items, et cetera. Whereby the treated object transmitting the desired shape, dimensions and characteristics of the surface layer by removing a portion of the cutting tool. You can distinguish the following types of machining: abrasive machining, chip machining, waste machining and envelope processing. In the machining of metals, machine tools used for cutting metals are for instance lathes, drilling machines, milling machines, boring machines, cutters, planers, capstans and grinders. Please note that the one who works on the machine should be authorized employee with the right skills. The machine should be equipped with appropriate devices to prevent flooding the floor by cooling ointment. The workpiece should be mounted in a suitable holder or vice. Thanks to its unparalleled accuracy, machining can perfectly meet the needs of a particular customer. Metal machining is used for example in automation, electronics, medicine, aviation and automotive industries.


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